Best bikini

Best bikini

Best bikini
- Bikini is originally referred to as a two-piece swimsuit that reveals generous portions of bust of a woman along with the back and thighs. It is the most revealing swimsuit option available for women apart from other formal wear and casual dresses. With a bolder and enigmatic style and design, a bikini is in itself a standard in women casual clothing.

With various popular styles and types of bikini that are being manufactured by a lot of wholesale clothing retail outlets, it is definitely the attire to be donned for a laid back summer look. Besides bikini for large bust size is very common among women in their prime. The three key words for selecting any women casual clothing are color, construction and cut and that very well applies, when choosing a swimsuit for the plus bust sized women.

Most of the bikini tops need to be a shade darker and works best with larger prints. It is always better to go in for vertical or diagonal stripes, which do not widen the body. Play with styles that have a deep V-neck or plunge neck, and one that will elongate the figure and tone down the fullness of the bust. Wide strapped or double halter necks are the best among the casual clothes in bikinis for large bust size, that provide good support and flatter narrow shoulders.

Bikini bottoms also vary in style and cut and are more popularly known as the thong bikini, providing coverage to almost generous exposure. It is better to avoid chic clothing as in spaghetti straps and loose swimsuits as they only accentuate the bust size. Most of the branded underwired cups provide the necessary support and lift. Another alternative is to wear a pretty sarong or a stylish sash around the lower body to draw the attention towards the lower half and away from the bust.

A bandeau style bikini with an underwired bra helps to push up and support large breasts and can be quite flattering to a full bust line. Halter style swimsuit tops are another great option that tends to lift up the bust size with heavy straps that add extra support. It is better to invest in a branded padded bra cups as they offer comfortable support for narrow shoulders. Always avoid strapless styles as they generally lack the needed support. Go in for swimsuits with double shoulder straps for additional support.

Nylon and Lycra are the best known fabrics for any branded bikini to have a prolonged life. They have natural properties of drying fast and lend stretch and flexibility for that needed movement. Most of the bikinis are provided with cups, which have lining to support the fabric when wet.

Every swimsuit manufacturer has their own different measurements for different body types and sizes. For the perfect fit, measure the bust line. Compare this measurement against the standard size provided for the swimsuit. With all of the choicest options available to women in terms of style and elegance, the bikini reigns in as the most popular swimsuit among young women. It is likely to remain as one of the daring and sexiest swimsuit style, which is currently being a hot rage among women of all ages.


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